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Few years back, one of our friends (working as an Admin Executive with MNC) was laid off. As generally with anyone – it was disastrous for him. We knew he was sincere & hardworking. But when we attempted to find him a suitable job, we had a glimpse of another aspect of his personality – extremely passionate. The story – knowing him and his family background we were quite sad to know he had been laid off. Using our personal network, we were successful to find him a suitable job in an emerging Pharmaceutical company. Feeling extremely delighted about ourselves, we approached him with the offer. He rejected the offer with the comments which we never expected in the wildest of our dreams…

“Right from the beginning, I was passionate about having a career in the hotel industry. However, until now, my career moves were out of desperation rather than my passion. This time around I have decided that come what may (unless I am literally on the road), I am not going to compromise with my passion.”

He remained unemployed for more than 6 months. His patience paid off. With an initial breakthrough in a tourist resort, currently he is a Manager with one of the leading five star hotel chains in Mumbai.

This led us to believe that there were so many individuals / companies who are passionate about their careers / businesses but have been compromising on their passion because of desperation of some kind. Not everyone is as brave as this individual and they might need professional help to realize their aspirations. This is why we conceptualized…

Nine Pins – an agency that works with passion to make other peoples' passion a reality.  

Our work philosophy:

Very simple… whether you are a company looking out to hire professionals or a professional looking out for a suitable job, you are our client. We would love to deliver to your passion for work – It resonates with our belief.

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